Vildosola Racing

Javier Valenzuela

Riding Mechanic

Date of Birth: April 17, 1985
Married to: Shellya
Occupation: Chief Mechanic and Codriver at Vildosola Racing
Hobbies: Off Road Racing

Javier "Javi" Valenzuela learned about cars because his father owns a shop in his hometown, Mexicali, Baja California. When he was 12 years old, Javi would go help his dad after school. Javi went to school in San Jose del Cabo, Mexicali and Calexico where he studied Administration of Justice at the Imperial Valley College.

When he was older, he would help his friend, Roberto Romo, an ex co-pilot of the Vildosola Protruck, fix buggies. When Roberto started working with Vildosola Racing, Javi would go to races and eventually, he was a frequent visitor at the Vildosola‘s shop. When the team was in need of a helper with a lot of mechanical experience, Javi was the perfect candidate. Javi prepared all the chase vehicles and assisted Gustavo and Tavo in their pre-running trips. Then, Javi started to prep and organize all the prerunning vehicles and when the new Ford F-150 pre-runner arrived, he was the one who built it.

With Dave Clark´s departure from Team Vildosola in 2007, Javi took on the load of being Chief Mechanic, making him in charge of everything in the shop. Five years later, Vildosola Racing is still very proud to have Javi riding shotgun on the Trophy Truck.

In November 2010 Javi together with Gus and Tavo Vildosola conquered their dream of being the first Mexican team to win the legendary Baja 1000. In the Bicentennial of Mexico‘s Independence and Centennial of the Mexican Revolution, Vildosola Racing made history taking home the pride of being the first Mexican team to win the overall in a Baja 1000.

Javi has been present in each of the victories Vildosola Racing has had in the past few years. In 2012, the team repeated the feat and won first overall in the 45th edition of the Baja 1000.

In 2014, Vildosola Racing went back to it’s traditional red colors. This season showed a very bright side for Vildosola Racing, although they did not win the SCORE Championship, their trophy truck #21 had 4 podium finishes in USA and Mexico, maintaining the team amongst the top contenders in off road racing,