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“This is Baja 1000”: Tavo Vildosola on Red Bulletin

“You can find this digital magazine through the Red Bulletin app on Itunes Store and Android”

By Vildosola Racing

Tuesday, 8 January 2013.- The Red Bulletin is one of the biggest global magazines, published each month in four languages – English, German, Spanish and French. It covers the very latest news from the world of Red Bull in an inimitably witty, intelligent and pithy style. With enthralling articles, first-class photographs and extraordinary design on topics like action, sport, travel, arts and music, The Red Bulletin exceeds readers' expectations.

On Monday, Red Bull published Tavo Vildosola on his front page, and the team's experience in the past Baja 1000. Here’s the link where you can check out the January 2013 issue of Red Bulletin magazine.

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